Be vigilant and protect yourselg against potential risks

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In the streets

The streets and roads are shared spaces of coexistence. Make sure other road users have seen you (seek to make eye contact), that everyone is able to predict your movements and use your bell (a mandatory requirement) where necessary. Insurance is recommended. For your own safety, always wear a helmet. This is mandatory for everyone when cycling on roads and in urban areas as well for those under the age of 16. Alcohol levels must not exceed 0.25 mg/l and it is prohibited to ride a bicycle under the influence of drugs or narcotics or when wearing headphones or using a mobile phone. If you are of legal age, you can carry child under 7 years old in an approved seat.

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In the city

Do not cycle too close to the pavement or to parked cars and try to ride in a straight line whenever possible, avoiding swerving in and out between stationary vehicles or around pedestrians... When travelling in a pedestrian zone, keep your distance and slow your pace for reason of safety and regard for others.

On the road

In the case of no specific cycle lane being available, bicycles must use the hard shoulder whenever possible.

consell bicitranscat seguretat ciclista

At night

At night cyclists must have a rear reflector fitted to their bikes and have their front and rear lights switched on. Reflectors fitted to pedals and wheels are recommended. Some form of reflective clothing must be worn when cycling on the road.