The aim of the project is to link the tourist destinations in the Girona province with those of the Pyrénées-Orientales department in France through a cycling network which is also connected to various modes of public transport, thus promoting sustainable mobility and facilitating a coastal route which provides an alternative to travelling on roads that are often congested during the summer months.


Bicitranscat involves the development of a new coastal axis of sustainable cross-border mobility linked to the EuroVelo 8 European cycling route: ‘Mediterranean Route (Cádiz – Athens)’ and the ‘Pirinexus’ route. This project thus meets the high expectations of cycle tourists, tourists with fixed abode and the local population, as outlined in the previous project, Link.


To that end, the project will undertake three main areas of work:


1- The construction of a new cycle route through the development of a network of routes that link up with existing routes, such as EuroVelo 8 and Pirinexus, and, principally, are connected to modes of public transport, such as the TGV and AVE stations in Perpignan and Figueres, thus improving existing sustainable cross-border services.

2- The development of new sustainable mobility services (bicycle parking areas and stands) and facilitation of multimodal cross-border cooperation (modes of access, information, applications development).

3- The study of user behaviour along these cross-border sustainable transport routes and measurement of the economic impact of the improvements on transport services across the whole region.


In the Alt Empordà region:


Cycle route stage with a length of approximately 45km -> stage with a gradient of 90m -> flat route


Route including stops in the municipalities of Figueres, Vilajuïga and Roses, linking to train and bus connections -> will improve multimodality.


Link to the Pirinexus route, this new route will form part of the Pirinexus route, linking up with Figueres and Roses -> sharing the section running between Vilanova de la Muga and Castelló d’Empúries


Tourist destinations:
Castelló d’Empúries
Aiguamolls de l’Empordà


Urban cycle lanes in Figueres and Roses
Use and adaptation of existing paths
Signs and information panels
Bicycle parking areas and stands
Sant Pere Pescador cycle lane and bridge

In France:

Link between Sant Llorenç de Cerdans and Forja del Mitg (Pirinexus) -> adaptation of forest paths (4.8km)
Link between Argelès sur Mer (EuroVelo8) and Sureda (7km stage) -> once completed, the final route will connect Argelès with Voló (Pirinexus)

Safer and more segregated links
Link between Perpignan and Canet de Rosselló -> connection linking the city of Perpignan with the EuroVelo 8 route and the coast (stage covering +17km) in the area surrounding the River Têt.

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