L’objectiu del projecte és unir els destins turístics de les comarques gironines i del departament francès dels Pirineus Orientals, a través d’una xarxa ciclable interconnectada a diferents mitjans de transport públic.
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The aim of the project is to link the tourist destinations in the Girona province with those of the Pyrénées-Orientales department in France through a cycling network which is also connected to various modes of public transport.

Getting Around Catalonia by Public Transport’ is the online route planner provided by the Government of Catalonia which integrates all the public transport services operated within Catalonia.

POCTEFA jointly funds cross-border cooperation projects developed and managed by stakeholders from both sides of the Pyrenees, as well as from the coastal areas included in the Programme, while maintaining a commitment for smart, sustainable and inclusive development in the region.